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How To Crack TikTok for Musicians (From the Major Label Experts)

Do you want to know who the most powerful gatekeeper in the music industry is right now?  No, it’s not a Spotify playlist editor. It’s not a major label A&R. It’s not even a person. It’s the TikTok algorithm.  TikTok is currently the most powerful free promotional tool that musicians have at their disposal.

11 Best Music Industry Podcasts for 2022

A decade ago it was nearly impossible for independent musicians and artist managers to find free resources to help them navigate the music business and develop a healthy music career. Now, the internet is flooded with self-proclaimed “gurus,” talking heads, marketers, former managers, musicians and everyone else who knows how to post a blog or distribute a podcast. The modern music industry is anything but a straight line. It can be challenging to weed through all the nonsense to get through to the Gold.

18 Black Innovators in the Music Industry From Berry Gordy to Rihanna

The truth is: there are so many black innovators in the music industry. Black music has influenced trends, fashion, sound, culture and the list continues. Here are 18 influential black artists that dominate the music industry through their voice,...

NFTs for Music Explained (in Musician Terms)

I have a new album coming out April 9th. No, I'm not about to pimp another album NFT (more on this in a bit). This is only for reference to say I'm A) a working musician and B) I...

Session Musicians’ Money Stolen by the Union Meant to Protect Them

If you’ve ever played on a recording as a hired gun, you are entitled to more than just the check you got for the session. You are guaranteed (up to) 5% of all the performance royalties that recording ever makes....

Dear Indie Distributors: Stop Punishing Your Artists. It’s Not Their Fault

Because of my digital distribution comparison piece, I act as de facto customer service rep for all 16 companies I reviewed (yay me).I lovingly try to let these artists and managers know that each company has their own customer service department at their disposal. But if they do...

This Is What You Get When You Fake Social Media Numbers

The headlines this past week read something like: LA Band Faked Social Media Numbers to Book a European Tour That No One Attended. Nearly every music outlet in existence has written about this incredibly peculiar saga. MetalSucks, in particular, has devoted wall to wall coverage...

Spotify Playlist Pitching Review of Playlist Push

For the past few years the industry has been obsessed with Spotify. And rightfully so. It has proven to be one of the most powerful tools at, wait for it, making money in the digital age. I know I know, this is totally counter-intuitive based on all the headlines you’ve read si...

How To Write an Effective Band Bio

Your bio is your story. It should reveal why people should care about you. What sets you apart? Why are you unique? And if you have a new album, what is the album’s story? +Why No One Cares About Your MusicMake sure you have three bios: a long one, a short one (1 or 2 paragraph...

Why Your Song Isn’t Getting Placed in a TV Show (and How To Fix It)

It seems every artist is trying to figure out how to get their songs licensed to TV shows, film, trailers and commercials. And rightfully so, there can be a lot of money in it. But it’s not easy. And there are only so many placement opportunities. Only so many songs each TV sh...

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How He Made $250K on his NFT Song After He Was Dropped From Sony

Our guest this week on the New Music Business is singer/songwriter Sammy Arriaga. Ari and Sammy dive deep into everything songwriting and his successful endeavors in the world of NFTs.
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