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When Greeting Fans, Never Say These 4 Words

When you’re at a show, you are onstage from the moment the doors open to the moment they close. Even if you’re not physically standing on the stage. You are the artist and there is a spotlight on you, even if you’re hiding in the corner trying to get ready. If you’re being loud and obnoxious at the bar during the opener’s set, people will notice.

How To Actually Make 2023 Work For You

Can you feel it? The kindling of hope. The match of passion. The flicker of possibility.

Lucifer Music: Season 5, Episode 11

What was that song from the new season of Lucifer? "High and Mighty" by Annabel Lee. It kicked in, during season 5, episode 11, when Lucifer and Chloe were at the police station talking about the body that Ella has downtown....

18 Black Innovators in the Music Industry From Berry Gordy to Rihanna

The truth is: there are so many black innovators in the music industry. Black music has influenced trends, fashion, sound, culture and the list continues. Here are 18 influential black artists that dominate the music industry through their voice,...

How to Actually Achieve Your Goals in 2022

I don’t know about you, but my 2021 was awful. 2020 was this altered reality where nothing was real and calories didn’t count. 2021 was the pretend return to normal, only to be slapped in the face by Delta and...

‘I Don’t Want to be the One-Armed Singer.’ Representation and Engagement in the Age of Instagram

I just got back from a couple weeks of traveling.This past week I was in NYC doing some TV interviews about the California 'gig economy' law AB5 which, if unchanged could single handedly crash the California music economy. I've been actively working to get the music industry an e...

So You Want To Kiss Her During a Songwriting or Recording Session

I just got back from a really inspiring songwriting retreat in Mammoth Lakes, California. It was organized by a singer/songwriter friend here in the LA scene. Five of us left the whirlwind of the city and escaped to the mountains. Each morning we went on a hike. Inspiration Quest...

11 Ways To Get Hired For (or Fired From) The 2nd Gig as a Freelance Musician

“From the point of view of the person doing the hiring, it is far better to contract with a competent player who has a great and professional attitude than with a brilliant but irresponsible and egotistical musician who will likely require reigning in and micromanaging. No matt...

7 Music Business Podcasts (and 3 Others) You Should Be Listening To

I love podcasts. More specifically, educational podcasts. Even more specifically, educational podcasts about music, business and thinking differently. Oftentimes, though, I'm at a loss when I'm caught up on a podcast I love or just in the mood for something different. I don't lis...

How To Define Success

Photo by Abbyshoot PhotographyVery often, people like to try to bring me down and diminish my standing based on their metrics of success. Today I popped over to Amazon because a friend told me my book was still the #1 Best Seller in the Performing Arts Industry category (!!) - 6...

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We Can Learn A Lot From the Dance Music Industry

This week, Ari is joined by Moody Jones, the General Manager of Dance at EMPIRE.
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