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Songtrust vs. Sentric vs. CD Baby Publishing vs. TuneCore Publishing

Which admin publishing company will work best for you: Sentric, TuneCore Publishing, CD Baby Pro Publishing, or Songtrust?

If Spotify Won’t Pay More, They Should Give Us More Data

I’ll say it. And I’m going to get shit for it.  The comment from the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, “you can’t record music every 3-4 years anymore” got blown way out of proportion. I actually did a full podcast...

Black Postmodern Jukebox Performers Pen Open Letter About Mistreatment

On Thursday, July 16th, in a brave act of solidarity and dissent against their employer, black musicians penned an open letter to the founder and leader of Postmodern Jukebox, Scott Bradlee.  Many posted this letter and subsequent demands to social...

Are Spotify Pre-Save Campaigns Worth It? Feature.fm vs. DistroKid vs. Show.co vs. Smarturl

You can create a way for fans to save your song to their library or playlist in advance of the release. Why do this? If Spotify notices that your song gets a ton of saves or playlists on day 1, it will trigger their algorithms and potentially pop your song into various algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly, Radio, Your Daily Mix, Releaser Radar, Radio, etc. And the more saves a song gets, the more likely a Spotify playlist editor will add it to a playlist.

California’s Music Economy Is About To Crash

Photo: Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee California is on fire. But this economic blaze will ignite abruptly on January 1st and will affect the California music industry so drastically that it could completely burn it down. As the fifth largest economy in the world and the...

How To Copyright Your Music with the US Copyright Office

Let’s just start by saying the US copyright office needs to hire better web developers.I just went through the painstaking process of their electronic filing system. Although it has been updated over the years, the website looks and functions like it was built in 2003. It is no...

What Robert Mueller’s Press Conference Teaches Us About Your Album Release

I try to listen to The Daily podcast by the New York Times every day. Mostly I’ll put it on at the gym or in the car. I’m all about multi-tasking. Who has time to do just one, singular thing anymore?! The Daily is a really good, in-depth look at the top stories of the day. Of...

Dear Indie Distributors: Stop Punishing Your Artists. It’s Not Their Fault

Because of my digital distribution comparison piece, I act as de facto customer service rep for all 16 companies I reviewed (yay me).I lovingly try to let these artists and managers know that each company has their own customer service department at their disposal. But if they do...

Why Your Song Isn’t Getting Placed in a TV Show (and How To Fix It)

It seems every artist is trying to figure out how to get their songs licensed to TV shows, film, trailers and commercials. And rightfully so, there can be a lot of money in it. But it’s not easy. And there are only so many placement opportunities. Only so many songs each TV sh...

9 Things Singer/Songwriters Need To Know About Hiring Freelance Musicians

Over the course of my 600 shows I've hired 9 drummers, 9 bassists, 7 guitarists, 5 keyboardists, 5 singers, 4 trumpet players, 2 trombonists, 2 saxophonists, 2 cellists and 3 violinists. Not to mention the various session players for recordings.I've also been hired as a trumpet p...

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Micro Sync Licensing with Musicbed CEO

Daniel McCarthy is the CEO of FM, which includes the music platform Musicbed. It's one of the more popular sync hybrid platforms.
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