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Artists Made $100,000,000 in Sales on Their Website

Now of course you’re wondering if in 2023 you need a website when you’ve got Instagram, Spotify, Facebook and TikTok. The short answer is yes. Yes, you absolutely need a website in 2023.

How Fans Can Invest in Songs and Get a Return

Joining us this week is Mark Miller who is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Web3 company, Labelcoin, also known as “The Robinhood of music.” With the mission to eliminate artistic poverty, Mark breaks down how music fans will become investors and the benefits the app will have on artists’ careers.

How This Band Made $250K Livestreaming From Home

Robert Brown, the founder and front man of the steampunk band Abney Park remembers one week in March 2020 when every one of their upcoming concerts got canceled.  The band had been gigging for two decades, supporting the four members...

Don’t Fall For This Songwriting Scam

Avoid getting scammed out of thousands of dollars (and hours of time) by this songwriting scam going around.

How This Artist Got 300 Million Spotify Streams Without Playlists

Three years ago the northern Virginia conscious hip hop artist Lucidious was struggling to get listeners to his music. He had about 150 monthly listeners on Spotify (no I didn’t forget a zero) with merely 45 followers, about 1,500 followers on Instagram and Facebook. And was ma...

Best Website Builder for Artists: Bandzoogle vs Squarespace vs Wix vs Weebly

Every small business needs a website. Similarly, every musician needs a website. If you're doing it right, you're operating your career like you are running a small business. Yes, Facebook is great and you should probably have a Page there. And yes, Instagram is the hottest thing...

How To Send Songs As Private Streaming Links

When you have new, unreleased songs or demos you'd like to share with your team, you need a way to send them. Sounds simple enough, however, I can't tell you how many times I get sent broken links, 'empty' Soundcloud playlists or Dropbox links that won't stream - or are, gasp, 50...

How To Legally Release Cover Videos On YouTube

I bet you didn't realize that most cover videos on YouTube are illegal. Unless the artist worked with a Multi Channel Network (MCN) that had an agreement with the publisher, the only way the cover video could be legally monetized (uh, earn money from ads) was if the publisher hap...

How To Verify Your Twitter Account

It only took Twitter about 10 years, but they have finally opened up account verification to the non-elites. In the past, the only way to get a Twitter account verified was to know someone at Twitter. Seriously. I once asked a musician with the magical blue verified check mark ne...

Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Email List

I got a an email from one of my favorite singer/songwriters yesterday. I've been on his email list for a couple years now and I go to his shows whenever he plays in town - which is often because he lives here. In this email he discussed that he had all the songs written for his n...
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