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Troubadour Booker on the New Live Music Landscape

This week on the New Music Business, our guest is Jordan Anderson who is the new talent buyer for the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Live Nation Urban VP on Festivals, Touring and Promoting Culture

This week on the New Music Business, our guest is Brandon Pankey, the Vice President of Business Development and Operations of Live Nation Urban.

Club Booking, Opening Slots, Deal Breakdowns with Brooklyn Bowl Talent Buyer

Our guest on the New Music Business this week is the talent buyer of the Brooklyn Bowl, Paul Bacher. In this episode, we dive into how the venue operates and books acts, how artists should be writing their booking emails, the current state of the live music industry, and much more!

How To Make $10K a Gig Playing Performing Arts Centers

This week on the New Music Business, our very own Ari’s Take Academy course instructor Carey Rayburn (Good Co. and Rayburn Entertainment) joins Ari to discuss Performing Arts Centers and how to best navigate your live career within the Special Events market.

How To Put on a Drive-in Concert

  Last month, we at Ari’s Take had the distinct honor and pleasure of presenting one of Los Angeles’ first (and only) concerts since March!  The concert was the release show for the incomparable Annabel Lee for her new song “Los...

How To Book House Concerts Without a Fanbase

I’ve played about 30-40 house concerts over the past 7 years or so. They are some of my favorite shows I’ve ever done. Now, I’ve played everywhere from bars, theaters, festivals, colleges, clubs and arenas. You name it, I’ve probably played some kind of venue similar to i...

How To Properly Advance Your Shows (And Why You Have To)

A friend of mine with a good following in LA just told me how she showed up to her show last night only to find out that the venue had cancelled it without her knowledge. Another touring artist I know discovered just two days before her LA stop that the promoter had a miscommunic...

Should You Take The Gig Or Pass?

I want to clear up a few things after yesterday's 9 Times It's OK To Ask Musicians To Play For Free bombshell. 99% of you got it was sarcasm. But for the 1%, heyyyyoooo! I got your emails. And also, I posted it to Digital Music News to reach the broader music community - namely...

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The College Music Market

A lot of musicians want to play colleges, but most don't really know what that means. As someone who has played over 100 official university sponsored shows around the country, it's a field I know quite intimately. From the schools surrounded by a hundred miles of corn to the tho...

The Reason You Never Get An Email Response

I'll admit it. I'm horrible when it comes to email. I have a contact form on Ari's Take which I was pretty good at keeping up with when I launched the site 3 years ago. But now I'm about 6 month behind on responses. Yikes. Even my personal email I get backed up on - to the point...

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Artist Manager on Release Strategy, Record Deals and the TikTok Ban

This week, Ari is joined by Michele Harrison, founder of MPH Collective and artist manager
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