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Smash Your Shitty Guitar

When I was 14 and wanted to learn guitar my mom took me to a pawn shop to get my first guitar. I knew absolutely nothing about guitars and picked the one in our price range that looked cool. It was an electric so we also got a small practice amp. I couldn't tell you what the guit...

How To Be A Great Opening Act

Being the opener for a more established act can be one of the best ways to make new fans. I can pinpoint specific opening gigs where I gained a large amount of fans who are still incredibly supportive to this day. I love opening slots for more established acts because I get to wi...

Does This Mustache Make My Ass Look Fat?

It's not cool to your dude friends to fret over your image but it is almost as important as your sound. If you look like an idiot on stage half of your audience will think that you sound like one (and the other half may not care, but you just lost half your audience before your f...

How To Be A Better Performer

There's nothing more uncomfortable then going to a show and feeling bad for the artist on stage. It's the feeling you get when you are watching a 13-year-old's piano recital, holding your breath as he clunks out the wrong notes on the brink of tears, while you hope...

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Mothica Went Viral on TikTok at Just the Right Time

After Mothica's song went viral on TikTok, she gained a lot of traction on streaming platforms. She garnered more than 25 million streams on Spotify in 2020.
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