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Artists! Upload Your Spotify Wrapped Video Before November 18th


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Ari's Take - Spotify Wrapped

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Ari Herstand
Ari Herstand
Ari Herstand is a Los Angeles based musician, the founder and CEO of Ari’s Take and the author of How to Make It in the New Music Business.
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Ari’s Take – Spotify Wrapped

You know Spotify’s Wrapped program? It’s that thing at the end of the year where artists can see their total stats from the year like most streamed songs, how many fans listened to you more than any other artist, how many total listeners and streams you had this year, that fun stuff. Fun, until all your musician friends post their stats and then you feel worse about your own (by comparison). Remember, friends, comparison is the thief of joy! 

I digress.

Fans get their own Wrapped of course (I’m sure if you’re a Spotify user you think about this just a little bit every time you pop on your guilty pleasure hoping it doesn’t upset your stats so you can post just how cool you are). I’m assuming this year my top everything will just be New Orleans brass bands. 

Anyway! Spotify just announced that this year’s Wrapped, fans will get personalized messages from their favorite artists. 

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So if you want your video to show up in your top fans’ Wrapped, you have to record one and upload it before November 18th

I just did it. It’s very easy. 

How to do it:

  • Login to Spotify For Artists (either on the app on your phone or desktop version) 
  • Click the Create a video for 2022 Wrapped “Upload Now” button on your homepage

Ari's Take - Spotify WrappedAri's Take - Spotify Wrapped

Video requirements:

  • Between 3 – 30 seconds. 
  • Cannot include any music, singing, lyrics, explicit content, logos or brands, added text, graphics, filters. 

Just literally film yourself on your phone camera saying something under 30 seconds and hit upload. Nothing fancy. You’re speaking to fans who have you as their top artists of the year. Like, they’ve listened to you more than virtually every other artist. You’re in their top 5 or so. So talk to them like this! They will really appreciate hearing from you directly. 

It asks you to fill in a title. I was confused by this, but got clarity from Spotify that in the fan’s Spotify Wrapped it will have a banner on your video with your artist name (so they know who the video is from even if they don’t know what you look like). So you don’t need to introduce yourself in the video. The title is just meant for you to put additional info in there. I just wrote: “thanks for the love! ~Ari” 

But you could get creative and do something like “Because you’re my top fan, use the code WRAPPED for 20% off anything in my Spotify merch store!” You most definitely will get some merch sales off of this! 

And yes, you can add merch to your Spotify store now via Shopify in Spotify for Artists. You only need to signup for the $5/mo Shopify plan to connect it to your Spotify profile. And you can hook up Printful for print-on-demand (so you don’t have to order a bunch of shirts or handle fulfillment)

Spotify told me that fans will get videos from as many of their top artists who send in videos. Could be one video or could be a few. 

Make sure yours is one of them!

This is a good way to connect on a deeper level with your fans who listen to you a lot, but maybe don’t follow you on other social platforms. 

+The Spotify Interview

Head to (or the Spotify for Artists mobile app) and give it a whirl. Come December when Wrapped is released, I guarantee you’ll get a bunch of IG tags from your top fans – sparking new conversations and a much deeper relationship. 

About The Author

Ari Herstand
Ari Herstand
Ari Herstand is a Los Angeles based musician, the founder and CEO of Ari’s Take and the author of How to Make It in the New Music Business.

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