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Buy My Music Dammit (Spotify vs iTunes)

**The biggest news story in the music world last week was David Lowery's response letter to the NPR intern Emily White about the moral implications to not purchase music. This has been a massive debate ever since Napster hit over a decade ago. My post below was written before Low...

How To Double Your (Merch) Income… No Really

When you're on tour, merch is your #1 income generator. This can't be stressed enough. Believe it. Bands stress over their guarantees and door splits and turnouts. If you want to survive financially with your music you must understand the importance of merch sales and approach it...

Beauty School Drop Out (The Backup Plan)

I never had a backup plan. The moment you create a backup plan is the moment you accept that failure is an option. Convincing your parents that everything is going to be ok is still probably the most difficult thing a musician has to do - next to finding the right hair product....

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How To Claim Your Artist Profile & Make The Most of [Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Pandora] “For Artists”

If you’ve had music on Spotify for more than a few years, you remember the days of muddling through...
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