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Music Marketing

How To Hack Spotify (and TikTok)

This week, Ari is joined by Ryan Vaughn, Artist Manager at Backline Creative and CFO of Head Bitch Music.

​This Music Publicist Has Upended the Entire PR Model

This week on the New Music Business, Ari is joined by the founder of Purple Bite PR, Mikel Corrente. In the last few years Corrente adapted a “Zero-Risk” guaranteed or money back system that is very uncommon in the PR industry but it’s more transparent and fairer than the traditional PR system. Some examples of artists and companies that Corrente has worked with are: Sony Music, Kat Graham, Red Light Management, Mix Master Mike, Elohim, Jesse Jo Stark, Lauren Ruth Ward, BIIANCO, and many more.

Theo Katzman on Recording, Songwriting and Staying Independent

To celebrate the third edition of How to Make It In The New Music Business, the Ari’s Take team collaborated with Shuttershot Productions to capture Ari Herstand’s special interview and Q&A with the incomparable Theo Katzman (of Vulfpeck). This episode was recorded live at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles on January 17th.

How To Make It in the New Music Business – Chapter 1

The “music industry bible” by Ari Herstand has been widely adopted by music schools and universities across the world, inspiring tens of thousands of musicians to stop waiting around for that big break and take matters into their own hands.
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Latest News

Haley Joelle on Staying DIY With TikTok Fame and Spotify Love

This week, Ari is joined by Haley Joelle, an independent singer-songwriter and artist whose music has resonated with millions of listeners around the world.
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