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SXSW Is Worth It (If You Know How To Work It)

I just got back from SXSW and true to SX form, I’m in need of some serious recovery.  This was my 8th year in a row at the festival (save for the two years during the pandemic that it didn’t happen) and, as always, it was a blast. An exhausting blast. But a blast no less. And it flew by too fast. 

Promoting Shows and Engaging Fans with Bandsintown

With 560,000 registered artists, Bandsintown is one of the largest artist services platforms in the world. 97% of the Top 500 artists in America are active on the platform.

How To Make $10K a Gig Playing Performing Arts Centers

This week on the New Music Business, our very own Ari’s Take Academy course instructor Carey Rayburn (Good Co. and Rayburn Entertainment) joins Ari to discuss Performing Arts Centers and how to best navigate your live career within the Special Events market.

$50K in 2 Months Playing Backyards And How They Did It with More Fatter

More Fatter is an indie-funk pop band from San Francisco, California, currently based in Los Angeles. During the summer of 2021, they embarked on a fully-independent statewide tour performing primarily in backyards. On this episode, half of the band members Tommy and Théo join Ari to discuss exactly how they successfully pulled this off, and share some very insightful tour stories throughout.
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How Fly By Midnight Went From YouTubers to Sold Out Tours

This week, Ari is joined by Justin Bryte and Slavo of the hit group, Fly By Midnight, to discuss their journey as independent artists.
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