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How Lawrence Got Live Nation To End Merch Fees

This week, Ari is joined by Clyde Lawrence, Gracie Lawrence, and Jordan Cohen from the band, Lawrence.

Dance Music Record Labels Do It Differently

Ari is joined by Deron Delgado, Label Manager at DIRTYBIRD, and Sam Sciarra, the Head of A&R and Brand Director for Higher Ground.

How Trousdale Went From 0 to 1M Listeners in 1 Year Independently

Trousdale is a pop-folk trio born out of the USC's popular music program, consisting of band members Quinn D'Andrea, Georgia Greene and Lauren Jones. In this episode of the New Music Business, we discussed what their creation process entails, self-producing their last releases, as well as how they stayed productive during the pandemic and successfully embraced TikTok.
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We Can Learn A Lot From the Dance Music Industry

This week, Ari is joined by Moody Jones, the General Manager of Dance at EMPIRE.
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