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Stephanie Edwards

How To Claim Your Artist Profile & Make The Most of [Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Pandora] “For Artists”

If you’ve had music on Spotify for more than a few years, you remember the days of muddling through the mystery-laden world of Rovi, asking gatekeepers and submitting tickets into a blackhole in an attempt to just get your...

About Me

Stephanie is a music marketing & management specialist, with 15+ years experience in the music industry. She has worked at the helm of a handful of boutique labels & management companies, including her own, to closely develop the careers and releases of many artists including The Avett Brothers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Natalie Prass, Fruit Bats, Jill Andrews and Rogue Wave, to name a few. She currently works as a label development manager with a roster of around 30 independent labels, for one of the leading global music marketing & distribution companies. She also continues to work at the helm of her company, Spacecar, offering artist management & marketing consulting. In her spare time, she mostly hangs out with her husband and cats and remains submerged in an inflatable pool on her back deck or under a heated blanket on her couch, depending on the season.

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