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How He Made $250K on his NFT Song After He Was Dropped From Sony

Our guest this week on the New Music Business is singer/songwriter Sammy Arriaga. Ari and Sammy dive deep into everything songwriting and his successful endeavors in the world of NFTs.

Explaining the Metaverse for Musicians

Our guest this week is Anne McKinnon, the co-founder and CEO of the web3 experience platform Ristband. In this episode, Ari and Anne break down everything musicians need to know about the ever-evolving metaverse and how exactly it’ll add value to artists’ careers.

VÉRITÉ on NFTs and 350 Million Streams Without a Label

VÉRITÉ is an artist who has had over 350 million streams all independently. She has never signed to a label. She discusses why she stayed independent her entire career.
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Artist Manager on Release Strategy, Record Deals and the TikTok Ban

This week, Ari is joined by Michele Harrison, founder of MPH Collective and artist manager
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