"Done a LOT of press; NY Times, CNN, WSJ, Nightline, & many more. No one has interviewed or researched more thoroughly than Ari Herstand"
-Jeff Price, Founder of Tunecore and Audiam

"Contrary to conventional musician wisdom, it's not impossible to book a successful tour by yourself. As ASCAP member and touring maven Ari Herstand tells it, you just have to approach it methodically. We asked Herstand to share his insights about every step of the booking process, from routing your tour to getting paid."

"Herstand emphasizes a 'we're in it together' approach and finding ways to include supporters in the process."

"Ari is the first person I turn to for advice on anything music business related. It's especially wonderful because his advice is coming from a place of actual experience. He's living it! These are the real things he's doing, the actual ways he's surviving in such a difficult economy as a full time musician."
-Sarah Winters | Singer/Songwriter and touring member of the band Why? | Los Angeles, CA

"Are you ready to get serious about your music career? Are you trying to figure out which way to go on your musical journey and some best practices to get there? Need some objective, expert feedback? Need a pep talk? Mentoring? Real-world advice you can actually use right away? Maybe you just need some positive reinforcement? Then Ari's your music man, mentor, mensch! My one, 75+ minute session on the phone with Ari pointed me in some new directions that I've already started following. Life-changing? We'll see. But direction-changing and uber-helpful, most decidedly. Money and time WELL spent!!"
-David Nyro | Singer/songwriter | Seattle, WA

"Ari has been instrumental in helping Cedar Avenue get it's feet on the ground. From our very beginning, he took us under his wing and provided insightful guidance as a great friend and mentor. His selflessness, knowledge, and networking is invaluable to us and many musicians we know."
- Shawn Burtis | Drummer/Manager of Cedar Avenue | Minneapolis, MN

"Ari's knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship was fundamental in the beginning of my professional music career. He's done everything from putting up posters and handing out flyers to opening for Ben Folds and charting on iTunes. He knows his sh*t."
-Mike Daum
Professional touring guitarist/songwriter/DJ

"Ari has played a crucial role in growing and developing Roster McCabe from an acoustic bar band to a nationally touring outfit. His insight and knowledge has been an indispensable resource for our business and it spans the entire scope of a musicians day-to-day decisions - from licensing to merchandising to sponsorships, Ari knows what you need to know."
-Drew Preiner | former Guitarist/Manager of Roster McCabe | Minneapolis, MN

Ari is definitely one of the most forward thinking musicians I know. The king of music networking and music innovation.
-Will Hutchinson | Singer/Songwriter | Los Angeles, CA

"Ari's Take is like a slap on the back, a kiss on the cheek and then a two-handed shove out the door to go and do it."
-Mary Bue | Singer/Songwriter | Duluth, MN