Get Specific

Get Personal With Ari

Now you've read all the posts and are wondering about the next steps your band should take?

I have a few different programs to work directly with me that might be right for your project.

Book a One-On-One Session With Me

Let me start off by saying I'm a musician first. I make my money playing music (and more recently acting). I started Ari's Take to help musicians (not to make money). I do love helping talented, hard-working musicians out one-on-one, but just can't dedicate the time necessary to help everyone. So, I've setup a consulting program where if you're serious enough to pay for a session then I'm serious enough to sit down and talk it out with you. I've settled on rates that's worth my time and won't break your bank.

I've consulted musicians ranging from full-time touring bands selling out venues around the country, to singer/songwriters looking to book their first show. I worked with a 67 year old musician now looking to get serious with music (after retiring from his office job) and a 35 year old dad with a wife and three kids trying to figure out how to work music into the equation (without hitting the road). I created a pitch, plan and proposal that got a 25 year old singer/songwriter to secure a $100,000 investment. I helped a band break into the college market (making LOTS of money) and helped a singer/songwriter negotiate the terms of her producer contract and helped her setup her own publishing company to earn 100% of her songwriting income.

I've worked with bands and musicians of every genre.

I will do 30 minutes of research on the material you send me (website, Facebook, youtube, etc) before our first session so I can best understand your project. If you don't have anything setup yet and nothing recorded, that's totally fine. Just let me know that.

Book a 75 minute one-on-one Skype, Phone or in-person session:

Book 4, 75 minute one-on-one Skype, Phone or in-person sessions:

As soon as I receive payment I will get in touch with you to setup the session asap. If you don't hear from me within a day email

If you have any questions about the session email

Up and Running

If you're an Artist who doesn't have the time or desire to lay your foundation for your new project, new album or your existing project that has not quite entered 2013 let alone 2014, I can help you with that. I will do most of the grunt work and will get all your social media sites up to current industry standards, work with my network of graphic design artists and publicists to create you a new logo and write a bio/press release, get you new promo photos and step you through the best way to keep your fans engaged and how to make new ones. If you're about to launch an album, music video, tour, Kickstarter or other major project I can work with you on putting together a cohesive campaign that rivals major label acts.

I will also create a .com website that you own. It will be designed in a way that you can easily update it (drag and drop style). I will also train on you on everything that I do so you can keep it moving in the future.

I will create a central show hub for you to enter your shows ONCE and use a program that sends them out to all the major outlets so you don't have to do this a million times.

I know all the sites you MUST be on and all the sites you don't have to waste your time with.

This takes me about a month from start to finish.

If you'd like to hear more about my Up And Running Program email me

Bring Me To You

I have presented and performed at colleges, high schools, conferences, festivals and other various events. If you'd like to hire me as a guest speaker to present for your organization contact scheduling [ at ] to discuss opportunities.