Ari's Take: What Do You Mean We Don't Get Paid? (The Confirmation Email)
Ari's Take

What Do You Mean We Don't Get Paid? (The Confirmation Email)


Once you have a show confirmed you should send one final email that includes all of the necessary details. This acts like a contract. Most venues with capacities under 600 don't typically work with contracts - especially when booking directly with the artist. Even if they do work with contracts, it takes way too long to send one over, have them sign it, send it back and confirm everything. Most venue bookers won't take the time to do this. Just send them an email that looks something like this. Fill in all the information that you are certain of (what had been discussed in previous correspondences) and highlight the areas they need to fill in.
+Don't Be Afraid Of The Phone

Attach a stage plot/tech rider and a promo photo with this email. Note that your band's promo bio is included at the end.

Bill Title:
Venue Website:
Artist Websites:
Advance Tickets Link:
On Sale Date:
Tickets available at box office?
Box office phone #:
Box office hours:
Box office location:
Guest List #:
Door Time:
Set Times/Length:

Venue Deal:
Drink/Food Deal:
Number traveling in band/crew:

Load in Time:
Sound Check Time:

Advance with: (Name) Phone: Email:
Venue Day of Contact Phone #:
Sound Guy Contact #/email:
Artist Day of Contact Phone #:

Venue Address:

Load in directions:
Other instructions:

Promo Bio:

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