Fill up your business card pocket protector containers. Unwrap your CDs. Update your email signatures.

The first Ari's Take meetup has arrived!

I'd been planning on holding some form of gathering of minds in the physical world for sometime now after many reader requests. As much as we love digitally embodying our avatars on the inter webs, there is nothing like the electrifying energy of a physical encounter.

Some of the best opportunities I've gotten in my career have come from informal gatherings like this. And nearly all of the opportunities I've gotten have come from people I met at least once in person.

I'm holding the first official Ari's Take meetup at one of my favorite music venues in the country, The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

This will take place on Saturday, March 29th from 7:30 - 9:30. It just so happens that my record release show is at the same venue just a half hour later! What a coincidence!

Come network with other like minded industry leaders, lawyers, managers, musicians and bloggers and shoot the shit about the industry over a beer or whiskey.

There are very limited spots available for this first meet up so sign up now and we'll reserve a spot for you.

Each attendee must have a ticket to the show to be a part of the meetup as that is the only way to gain entry to the Hotel Cafe.

To sign up for this free meetup, forward your ticket confirmation email from the Hotel Cafe to: Include the names of the ticket holders who will be attending the meetup.

You can purchase $10 tickets to my record release show here. (All advance ticket holders get a free CD at the door)

We will be meeting in the front bar room (separate from the live music room) from 7:30 - 9:30 and then will make our way into the live music room for the 10:00 show.

See you soon!